Episode 11 | Never Have I Ever

Listen Here Julia: Hey friends, it’s Pop Culture Makes Me Jealous and I’m your host, Julia. And one of our regulars is back. Can you guess you guessed it? It’s Shy and we are here to talk about Mindy Kaling show, Never Have I Ever.  Julia: This episode is brought to you by Hughes byContinue reading “Episode 11 | Never Have I Ever”

Episode 8 | Felicity

Listen Here Julia: Hey friends. Welcome to Pop Culture Makes Me Jealous. I’m your host Julia and I’m so excited about today’s show because my sister is here and we were talking about Felicity Julia: Felicity debut, September 29th, 1998 on the WB and Variety was very excited about the show. In an article theyContinue reading “Episode 8 | Felicity”

Episode 5 | Mean Girls

Episode 35 – Listen Here Julia: Christina. What’s the date today?  Christina: It’s October 3rd. Julia: Quit tryna fetch happen.  Christina: You’re like a really pretty. Julia: Thank you.  Christina: So you agree, you think you’re really pretty?  Julia: Are you ready? Hey friends, this is Pop Culture Makes Me Jealous. And I’m your host,Continue reading “Episode 5 | Mean Girls”