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Julia: How about that show?

Mario: It was actually entertaining. I liked it. It felt more like a an awards show, which is, I mean, we talked about this before, um, how the Oscars just kind of felt weird. So this one felt more of like an award show, which is cool. 

Julia: Yeah. 

Mario: I did like Seth Rogan’s little thing in the beginning though. He’s like, it’s so crowded in here outside. I was like laughing. I was like, cause that was my first thought too. I was like, dang, they’re actually all really pretty close together. But, um, so I was just like, okay. But yeah. Yeah. But yeah, but no, overall I thought it was a good show. A lot of surprises. 

Julia: Yes, we’ll totally get into the surprises. So we’re going to, we’re going to we’re gonna here we go. Hey friends, welcome to a special episode of Pop Culture Makes Me Jealous Julia here. And we’ve got our special guests, Mario from Movies with Mr. Mario, and we’re going to talk the Emmy’s, which literally ended six minutes ago. So we’re fresh off the show to talk about all the things.

Mario: It was almost three and a half hours. 

Julia: Yeah. I feel like, come on guys. We know that the screen actors Guild can do this shit in two hours. I feel like you need to like follow in their footsteps. Um, but before we fully dive in and do a full on review, let’s keep talking about what we thought. Like, I agree with you.

Julia: I felt like it was more of an award. I don’t know how I feel about Cedric The Entertainer being the host though. 

Mario: You had some good, he had some good lines is if I really liked the, um, the sketch with the, all his wives. That was pretty funny. The, um, the one with the support group with all the non Emmy that I was laughing so hard.

Julia: Yes. And I’m like, yeah. Allison Janney, Allison Janney, Alyson Hannigan. I had not, I didn’t know. She hadn’t been nominated before. I had no idea. 

Mario: Yeah, no, that was, that was funny. And then even Zoey Deschanel and how they had a Fred Savage in there. And so I was like, oh my gosh, that’s so funny. But, uh, yeah, I, I think he did okay. And I think, I mean, I think it would have been hard for anyone just because of the situation we’ve been in. And it’d been the first award show again, kind of almost a normal in person. Yeah. I think anybody would have probably had a little trouble with it. Um, But I mean, Conan O’Brien’s hosted it and he’s done amazing.

Mario: Um, and, but I think he did okay for what, for what it was. I think he did. Okay. Um, I don’t think he was like the best, best host ever, but I don’t think he was the worst. Um, but Cedric’s always funny and I liked his little jokes and stuff. And even in the beginning with our little song and stuff with the.

Julia: You liked that?

Mario: It was okay. I just liked that they included like all these other celebrities and it wasn’t. 

Julia: Yeah. I appreciate the nod to Biz Markie. I really do because he’s, that was a, that was a hard, that was a hard loss to him. You know, there’s just so much about his music that I was just a really appreciate. And when I learned of his passing, it was really hard.

Julia: I do think it’s really funny when. I just, I have a lot of opinions that I don’t know if I’m willing to share on the show, but I had a moment where I was just like, should that celebrity be dancing right now. I’m going to go with probably not, but like LL cool. J coming out was pretty cool. Like, I appreciate that. I do love him. I think people forget that he, you know, was a rapper first. Yes. Before he does NCIS? LA or some shit like that. Yeah. So I appreciate that they, and, and the Emmy people strategically snipped his bit and put it on social. Like that’s the only part of that, that they snipped out and put on social.

Julia: Cause I feel like they also were like, this is probably the best moment right here.

Mario: I did like in the beginning, like the introduction when. Talking about, oh, you know, TV has been around for awhile and I used to watch it with my grandma and stuff. And that it, that did kind of like, oh, and almost teared me up a little bit. Cause it’s like, I remember a lot of good times, you know, sitting around with friends or family and just watching, you know, the TV show every week or we had to make sure we were home in time to watch TV.

Mario: And especially this last year in 2020, a lot of us were just watching TV at home because you couldn’t go anywhere. And. It reminded me of the importance of television. Like we’ve come a long way from just like, you know, sitcoms and just all that stuff. But now we have streaming and all that stuff. So it really made me like, think about like man TV. I mean, movies are great. Don’t get me wrong, but TV’s been there for us. Cause it’s like, I don’t think a lot of us would’ve got through 2020 without a lot of these shows. So. 

Julia: It brought back, it brought back that regular watch that communal watch, you know, where everyone’s watching the same thing at the same time. It’s not like, you know, two years ago we were all kind of like, oh, I haven’t seen that yet. And oh, it’s on my list is kind of how, but this. Year. It’s like, oh my God, everybody’s watching this. We all got through Netflix. There’s nothing left on Netflix for any of us to watch. We’ve all watched it. 

Mario: Right.

Julia: Okay. Let’s let’s, let’s get to it. You know, there was a lot of big wins tonight. There was a lot of surprises. There was a lot of. Duh obvi, but I think the biggest, um, the biggest ballpark when apple plus walked away with a bunch of awards and that’s huge for them because they’re kind of, they spend a lot of money on their shows, but also not a lot of people pay for their service.

Julia: So, so in a way they’re kind of an underdog. But let’s sum up our, uh, comedy, if for those of you who listened to our Emmy prediction show. Thank you. And you will remember that, um, Mario, you and I kind of had different opinions about certain aspects of that. So to refresh everyone’s memory, um, for lead actress, I had predicted Jean smart and Mario had predicted Allison Janney for Mom and the big winner of the night. Jean Smart. 

Mario: You won. Congratulations. That was that. 

Julia: It was like the only thing I got. Right. That’s not true, but

Mario: No, she deserves it too. She’s a working actress. She’s been in the business a long time. I, we talked about this before. There were so many great nominees this year. It’s like, it was so hard to choose even like, just like in our predictions, it was hard to choose. Cause it was like, they were so good in that.

Mario: And there was so good in that. And so, um, everyone was well deserving. I’m glad Jean smart. Got it. Um, I would have loved to see Alison Jamie just cause that was her probably like her last. Um, for that show at least, but yeah, but yeah, Jean smart was, it was a good surprise for her and she deserved it. And I didn’t know, I didn’t know that about her husband that her husband passed away like six months ago.

Julia: I didn’t either. 

Mario: That was even though that was a very touching speech and I was just like, oh, that was a really good speech. I was very proud. 

Julia: I agree. Um, our, our lead actor everyone’s favorite coach. 

Mario: Ted Lasso.

Julia: Ted Lasso. And we both got that. Right. And then after he won the Hollywood critics TV awards for streaming best actor, um, on August 29th, I was like, oh, I’m pretty sure that’s in the bag for Jason Sudeikis. 

Mario: Yeah. He looked great in a suit though. I saw you a little poll too. 

Julia: Who were better. Spoiler alert. Currently, Chris Evans is leading that uh, poll so, you know, sorry, Jason, you’re a very handsome man. However, he got a lot to compete when it comes to America ass and had left. Oh, no, 

Mario: I was going to just say his, his speech was good too. I liked how he thinks his kids and all that stuff. And it’s like, and I forgot like him and Olivia, um, 

Julia: wild 

Mario: Wild divorced and stuff. So it’s like he deserves his win cause he’s, he’s gone through it too. 

Julia: She’s very publicly is dating Harry Styles. 

Mario: Yeah. What’s the sound that’s 

Julia: You needed this win Jason Sudeikis. Millions of women who are like, oh, look it. I totally didn’t think about Jason. Sudeikis. 

Mario: Right. 

Julia: Ted Lasso also being the big winner for best comedy series. That was a, that was no surprise. There is very excited to see. 

Mario: And they in season three, I mean, I think we had three more episodes in season. So season three is going to be. Well deserved. It’s going to be very interesting to see where they go with all these, if. 

Julia: They’re going to have a lot to step up, right? Like they have to keep going that momentum going, but I think they have something special with their team. Not a lot of shows have I think what they have they’ve figured out the magic for cast crew.

Julia: Writing and it’s working and it’s clear that it’s working. Cause even Stephen Colbert was like, thank you for not being in this category. Ted Lasso so we could win like, yeah, you’re not wrong. Um, they dominated the best supporting in a comedy as well because Hannah Waddington Waddington. Hannah wadding, ham Hannah Waddingham won for best supporting actress and you know, everyone’s favorite retired soccer player or football player. Roy Kent, Brett Goldstein won for best supporting actor. So that’s pretty exciting, kind of bummed that it kind of bummed up the bulk of his speech was, you know, bleeped out. So now I’m just like, what did he say?

Mario: I just think of that episode where he got bleeped out or he didn’t get bleeped out on that sports show. He was

Mario: like, dang. 

Julia: Well, and I feel if I, my understanding is that Europe and the UK isn’t as strict about language. So, you know, here, you can’t 

Mario: F bombs flying everywhere. 

Julia: Cause that’s how they greet each other half the time. Right. I don’t know if that’s true. That’s just what I’ve learned from pop culture.

Julia: So no surprise. Yeah. So no surprises for us from, uh, from the comedy comedy category, but for drama, you know, the, um, supporting actor, uh, you predicted, um, Giancarlo Esposito and I predicted John Lithgow and Michael, 

Mario: We were both wrong. 

Julia: Michael K. Williams won the Hollywood critics association. Um, and in, on August 29th. So I thought, well, maybe he might, but then 

Mario: once I was like, dang, he’s probably he might win because his death.

Julia: Yeah. Which was surprising to everyone in so very sad, very sad day in Hollywood, still very sad because it’s, you know, Little surprise. Shouldn’t be surprised Tobias Menzies won. 

Mario: Yeah. 

Julia: Of course. The Crown. won. Why didn’t I predict that? 

Mario: The Crown just takes it every year. I guess people are not tired of that show. 

Julia: No, for, for a country that was born out of deflecting from England, I am shocked by how much we are obsessed with anything British royalty. It’s like, it’s like, we didn’t really want to leave mommy.

Mario: Right. 

Julia: Um, but he did do well. He might, he is my, um, he’s on the show called Outlander, which I love, I love him on Outlander. And then he’s also in the most seasoned two, he’s in the series finale of season two of Modern Love on Amazon Prime. And he just did a beautiful job on that. Um, we were, let’s see, I think I was right for supporting actress in a drama, Gillian Anderson won.

Julia: And I think you had predicted Tatiana. I don’t know how to say her last name, but she was from Perry. Mason. No, that’s not right. You predicted? No, we both predicted Gillian Anderson. 

Mario: Oh, that’s right. We did. We went, I was like, wait, which

Julia: I was reading my notes wrong. I wrote down that and Tatiana from Perry Mason, won the, um, the critics. Yeah, the Hollywood Critics Association and Julie for show and then cause they break it out between streaming and not streaming. And then Gillian Anderson won for streaming. So we both got that, right? No surprise to anyone The Crown dominated this category, they won for best drama series. Josh O’Connor won for best actor. Olivia Coleman one, I think again, this isn’t this her second Emmy win for this role. 

Mario: She one last time too. Yeah. 

Julia: So this is kind of like, Hey, you’re in the same category as the crown good luck. 

Mario: Right. And that was the joke Dr. Phil made in that sketch was, oh, that’s right. You just have to be in The Crown or Ted Lasso on you’re gonna win

Julia: I feel like I wouldn’t mind seeing like, um, What’s his face from Seinfeld being friends, you know, like Ted Lasso, his uncle or something, you know, he comes over for a visit. 

Mario: I could totally see that. Yep. Yep. Yep.

Julia: Good Luck everybody. I hope they all get guest spots next. Um, best writing. Oh, we didn’t even hit best writing on comedy. Listen, it’s it’s 8:30 on a Sunday, it’s been a long day, but best writing for comedy hacks one. And I actually was very surprised by that. 

Mario: I know there was so much competition to this year, but I’m glad Hacks won, and it just shows the power of HBO too. Like you forget how many good shows they’re producing. 

Julia: See, here’s the thing I liked Hacks, but I liked it from Jean smart, Jean Smart’s perspective. 

Mario: Yes. 

Julia: And, and the guy that played her, um, assistant, like those were the two stories I was invested in Hannah Einenberg was not invested in her story. I thought she sucked like her character to me sucked.

Julia: Like she was not like there, nobody wanted to be her. Totally get it. I would probably also be in that camp of, I don’t want to be your friend. So it surprised me that one kind of surprised me that it won because of that. But also Jean smart was so brilliant and Hacks that it’s kind of like, okay. Back to drama, back to drama.

Julia: Um, we for best writing. I predicted correctly, The Crown one, but you had predicted pose and you know what? I kind of feel like Pose should have one because I did sit, I did watch that final episode and I was like, holy shit, this is a good episode. So 

Mario: I guess just, I don’t know. I don’t, if it’s political or not, it’s just like, again, competition, but it’s like, I feel like sometimes they’re like, as long as we nominate it, we’re good.

Mario: Kind of, 

Julia: because you can say that you’re nominated forever. You’ll always be identified as Emmy nominated so-and-so or whatever. Yeah. So, 

Mario: but yeah. 

Julia: The crown, no shock. There. It’ll be interesting. We’re just going to say the crown frame for everything in the cramps nominate, and we’re just going to make it all.

Julia: It’ll be interesting to see how they handle season five though, because that’ll be the late eighties early, like the latest eighties, but more nineties. And that’s going to be really interesting, I think because, you know, that’s when Diana really was just like, fuck you guys, but she couldn’t say that because she was a proper lady.

Mario: Of course. 

Julia: But they could portray that in the show. And we’re all obsessed with Diana. Like everybody’s obsessed with Diana. There’s no hope for any future drama series. They should just all quit. 

Mario: Just take a break for awhile. Wait until they’re done. And there. Yeah. 

Julia: Cause they’re going to end after season six. So you’ve got time. All right. Let’s talk limited series. We had. For supporting actors, actresses. We had predicted we both predicted Kathryn Hahn. Um,

Mario: that was probably the biggest shocker for me, because I felt like if Wanda Vision was going to win anything, it wasn’t going to be Kathryn Hahn. And Kathryn Hahn has been in the business for so long. So it’s like, ah, like I get Julianne Nicholson and she was great. And I mentioned that earlier was she did really well, but it’s like, Kathryn Hahn is like, she made that show too. Like it 

Julia: She was so good on Wanda Vision I can’t think of any other actor who could do that role.

Julia: Yes. Like the character that Julianne Nicholson played on Mare Easttown I feel like any woman who, any actress, who’s been a mother of a child who’s, you know, you would do anything for your kids. You know, like that line, she says that she was like, I would have taken that to the grave, like whatever it was that, you know, she would have.

Julia: And I’m like, I, I feel that because that’s the moral con quandary of being a parent. It’s like, if my child is something heinous, like what do I do? 

Mario: Yeah. 

Julia: But Kathryn Hahn. They played such different types. Like they’re the same person in every episode, but every decade it’s just was so different every single time. But she managed to make it the same every time. Oh my God. Like she was robbed. 

Mario: She was totally, I mean Twitter, went up in a frenzy. I don’t know if you were going on Twitter today, but I was just reading all the, like she was robbed and I was just like, oh, 

Julia: I did see too, but yeah, I did see that Twitter was a little pissed about like the, not, you know, the lack of COVID protocols that they were doing. Um, which I actually want to touch on that in a second because I looked it up. So I was like, what did the Emmys tell people they had to do? Cause they made a couple references about like, cause I was watching the E Hollywood, Hollywood, the live on the red carpet E! Pre-show, which is not a thing I normally do, but I was like, oh, that might be kind of interesting.

Julia: We’ll get into, well, I’ll get into that in a second. We got to hit these points that are a supporting male, we both got right. Evan Peters. 

Mario: Well deserved. I was so excited. His speech was great too is like, Hey Kate Winslet. I was like, yep. That’s Kate Winslet. 

Julia: He brought us Mom as his date and I love that. 

Mario: Yes.

Julia: Yeah. And speaking of Kate Winslet she totally won. And that’s what we predicted. So good job, Kate. 

Mario: Yes, she was. She’s amazing. She’s one. I think she’s one of the most everything because to a Grammy, right? 

Julia: Oh yeah. I think you’re right. How can we get this Grammy? She’s got. Her speech was good too. I love when people in Hollywood are still married to the people that they married when they’re young.

Mario: Yeah. 

Julia: That makes me happy. Yeah. A surprise on a surprise for me, the lead actor. I mean, I didn’t really have an opinion, so I just shared yours with Hugh Grant and then it ended up being Ewan McGregor. I was surprised .

Mario: It was a Netflix show. I could see them. Promoting and a lot more than HBO did. 

Julia: Did you watch Halston?

Mario: I started it. I really couldn’t get into it. Wasn’t my, it, wasn’t my cup of tea. Ah,

Julia: I love fashion and I just could not, it was missing something for me and I was like, you know, I love you Ewan McGregor but watching them on movie in movies for 25 years, but I can’t this, I can’t do. 

Mario: But I guess he deserved it. I mean, you must’ve went to here. He went off, he went above and beyond his normal roles, I guess. So that’s good. So, yeah. And he’s, I didn’t realize he was dating Mary Elizabeth Weinsted too, which kind of threw me for a loop

Julia: That was a surprise of the night and they have a child together. I was like, I mean, Ewan McGregor, I knew that you had gotten a divorce, but like. I thought you were going to be like bachelor life for life. Yeah. Guess not good for him. Good for him. Um, big winner of the night for the limited series Mario’s prediction won the Queen’s Gambit 

Mario: No love for Wanda Vision. 

Julia: I know 

Mario: they won all, they want a lot of the 

Julia: creative arts Emmys 

Mario: creative arts awards though.

Julia: So that was so funny when they, when they said to Dr. Phil, oh, he daytime, Emmy. I was like, that’s where you make that distinction because Dr. Pill’s kind of trash. 

Mario: I was surprised he brought them on there, but he’s little signal was pretty funny. I give him props for that. 

Julia: Totally. Um, I’m not, uh, uh, there’s, I’m not, I’m not super thrilled about the Queen’s Gambit winning. I couldn’t get into the show and thought, well, maybe I need to read the book. So I borrowed the book from the library and I’m listening. I’m reading this book. I’m like, this is clearly written by a guy who has absolutely no understanding of women and the way that he wrote the female character, it was like, this is trash. So I’m not, I can’t, I read a chapter and I was like, I can’t do this. Like, I’m offended, not offended, but I was just like, Nope, not for me.

Mario: Side note. What’d you think of the director’s speech? That was interesting. 

Julia: Yeah. 

Mario: He kept saying no stop, stop. Like, hi, 

Julia: listen, listen. That guy who listen, first of all sir, you this is not about you. Like you don’t get to tell them to stop. This is not your show. That irritated irritated me. It irritated me, 

Mario: I believe because was a meme already. It was just like 

Julia: he got roasted on Twitter and people totally were giving him shit on Twitter about it. I, um, I.

Julia: Oh, I commented. That’s what I did because somebody posted about it on Twitter and on the gram. So I like commented. I was like, like he CA it was, he just kept saying, stop playing the music, stop playing the music. And I was just like, sir, nobody wants to be here until nine o’clock at night. 

Mario: I mean to give you a timer for a reason, 

Julia: the only person who can get away with that is the person getting the governor’s award. Okay. 

Mario: Yeah, 

Julia: Debbie Allen or not. You works your whole life and you’re being honored with. Award. It doesn’t matter if it’s D I’m just happy with Debbie Allen. I love Debbie Allen yeah, but it doesn’t matter if it’s Debbie Allen or not. Whoever’s winning that award is the only person who gets to go over on their time and to be like, stop the music.

Julia: Anyway, that will be one of the moments that we’ll remember. They’ll talk about tomorrow. Yeah. It’s like this guy who are you? Nobody cares only, only a very specific grouping of people care about. Directors awards, which it’s still huge. Right. But like the general population who maybe is like an appreciator of PA you know, entertainment, movies, television, whatever, isn’t going to necessarily know every single director.

Mario: Exactly. 

Julia: I didn’t know. Zach Braff actually directed one of the episodes of Ted Lasso that was nominated. I had no idea he even directed cause I, I don’t pay attention to. Yeah. As much as I probably should. And it was a really good episode. It wasn’t. Um, do you care about what people wear? Is that like a thing you pay attention to?

Mario: I like, I always, like, I always, like, it’s not that I care. I guess I just, I like seeing what, like their decisions and they’re making, cause it’s like really? That’s what you went with. Wow. You really like, you can pull up, like, I think I tagged you in the Catherine Zeta Jones on, I was like, dude, she’s flawless still. I’m like, girl, you rocking that dress. 

Julia: She is so beautiful. And that color on her was so good.

Mario: Jurnee Smollett. She was beautiful. Yeah. I mean, I love, I just, I like, I like seeing what they choose to wear. Even the guys do. 

Julia: Jason Sudiekis’s. Chris Evans suit

Mario: ’cause I like, I try to imagine, like, if I was ever on the red carpet, 

Julia: Yeah, 

Mario: I won’t be my decision to go. Like totally. 

Julia: There were a couple of nos for me, but I’m like it doesn’t, it’s not going to do any benefit by being like that outward sucked. I’ll just keep it to myself. And if somebody asks me in private, I’ll tell him, I don’t know that it was trash.

Julia: Um, cause it is hard to dress yourself. Oh my God. The bit was Schitt’s Creek with the whole so great. So listeners, 

Mario: You told the writers to lift it up. 

Julia: So friends, if you didn’t watch the show, the cast of Schitt’s Creek, the Rose the Rose’s the main family comes out to present for best something. 

Mario: No, it wasn’t best comedy. It was like, it was a comedy award.

Julia: It was a comedy award. It was two, they presented two, right? Yeah. Right in. Yes. Yes. And so there’s no script and it’s this whole thing. And then they sort of create this conversation, but they sort of channeled their characters slightly from the show, which I thought was really funny. Um, and you know, Eugene Levy is just like, I was just trying to help and they don’t have. Script and now it’s been enough and knees are because yeah, he tried, he gave them notes on how to make the script better, which, and they all looked stunning too. And by the way, oh, absolutely. Catherine O’Hare, she’s just like that woman. She’s talented. She’s beautiful. She’s just delightful to see on camera, whether it’s an interview or acting. I mean, she’s just amazing. 

Mario: Yeah. And it’s funny. Cause you think way back when, when she was Kevin McCallister’s mom way back when Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, you know.

Julia: It’s wild, they’re doing a Home Alone remake. I just don’t I’m just not a fan. 

Mario: No.

Julia: Anyway, I cut you off, but yes. 

Mario: Oh no. I was just going to say it was great to see them again. Cause there was a. I forgot that was done. Like they weren’t, they weren’t big, they swept the Emmy’s last year, which is amazing. So it was great to see them all together. And I was glad that they brought all four of them back at the same time. 

Julia: Yeah. 

Mario: So that was great to see as 

Julia: What did you think of, um, what’s his name? The doctor from, you know, community and 40 year Old Virgin. Oh yes. What did you think about his. 

Mario: It was, it was funny. I mean, I think he could’ve done better. I think he was, I mean, I don’t know if he wrote that or somebody kind of gave it to him, but, um, I liked the him being outside, trying to get in and kind of, 

Julia: because LA just did that, especially cause LA did that whole, like, you can’t come into a bar or whatever, or a restaurant without your vax card 

Mario: yeah. So I thought that was funny. Yeah. I mean, I mean, it was, it was good. I wish I would’ve seen more of him because I think he’s very comedic and stuff, but, um, him and his wife are adorable too, because they’d been married for years and he’s so humble too. From what I’ve heard is. Like he’s this outstanding guy. Cause he’s really, and I always forget, he’s really a doctor too. 

Julia: So he keeps his medical license current. Cause he was in an interview. He was like, you never know when this acting thing is going to end. I got to have a backup. Yeah.

Mario: Um, and his wife are adorable. So I love Ken Jong. He’s great in everything.

Julia: He really is.

Mario: I just wish there was more. Tonight’s show, but it was good. 

Julia: I’m a little bummed too, that he’s on the masked singer and not like something more regular that allows him to like lean into character to be, um, did you have a favorite bit from the night?

Mario: Uh, probably the — I think the funniest thing for me was the sketch, the, no, 

Julia: the therapy, 

Mario: the therapy

Mario: That was probably my favorite one. And I’ll try to post it later so people can watch it if they need. But yeah, that was probably my favorite one. Yeah. Um, 

Julia: facilitated or, um, yeah, so it had Zooey, Deschanel, Alyson, Hannigan, Scott, Jason Alexander, Scott Bakula and then Cedric, the Entertainer was facilitating. Right. Those were the only, yeah. 

Mario: And then Fred Savage was directing the commercial. Yeah. 

Julia: So funny, which he is, uh, he’s one of the producers for the new, the Wonder Years remake. So that air September 22nd. So one of the things cause Twitter, you know, is going up in arms about their lack of COVID. So I went to the Emmy’s website and it’s for media, you know, for this is specifically targeted towards media. So I’m assuming, I mean, it’s not safe to assume, but I’m drawing the line of conclusion of, okay. So if this is what they’re making media do, and several celebrities commented that they had to get tested and show proof of vaccine that was can that’s the whole premise of his show his bit. There are these COVID-19 protocols where you had to submit proof of vaccination, as well as a negative COVID PCR tests within 48 hours of your onsite appearance.

Julia: And so for those of you who are not super familiar with the Emmys, they actually do stuff for like the whole weekend, like there’s events throughout the whole weekend. And I think they do the creative arts the day before. Um, Yeah. So, so it’s a multi-day event for folks did. And I think they aired the creative arts Emmys this year. They hadn’t in the past. I don’t think. 

Mario: I think, yeah. I want to say usually I, I think it was on like TBS 

Julia: it’s on a random cable. Yeah. Um, so, so that was some of the things that they had to do. And then if you would, if you notice some of the folks who were like behind the scenes, people, um, were masked. So I think I’m making, uh, an assumption that if you. Even if you, maybe they had the choice, if they were staffed to do a mask and, um, you know, even if they were vaccinated, but, but it sounds like. Like what they did with the Met Gala. Like you have to be vaccinated in order to attend. That’s the conclusion I, I came up with. 

Mario: And then they had the whole, I mean the whole, um, The Crown, they weren’t even there.

Julia: Yeah. They were all in London. Josh O’Connor was there, which I wondered if he felt left out because his whole like Crown family is over there. Yeah. It’s like poor guy. You’re just have to be there all by yourself in LA. And they, and so they required that all of like the COVID results had to be submitted before you could even like, be onsite on your first day of being onsite.

Julia: So while I understand Twitter’s outrage it sounds like the Emmys were doing everything they could to try and make it as normal as they possibly can while keeping everybody safe. So. 

Mario: And there was, the attendance was low to. Just the people that were nominated with their dates. One of them like a fourth of the size of a normal Emmy’s awards because usually they do it at the big theater where it’s just rows and rows and rows of people. But this year was literally just tables the nominees themselves. So it wasn’t like, so yeah, it looked like a lot of people, but I mean, compared to a normal, like a normal Emmys two years ago, That’s a fourth of actual people that were there. 

Julia: Yeah. The other thing that I thought was awkward when the, um, winner was done, they didn’t have the person on the side, sort of guiding them where to go. Because there was no person on this side because I’m assuming that’s part of the COVID protocol. So you have them just sort of standing, like, what do I do now? Because yeah, because in the past, and I’m sure they did that this year too, because of all the adorable pictures of Brett Goldstein and Hannah Waddinham with their awards on. And in the past, they’d have somebody sort of shuffle them off stage, but that wasn’t like an actual stage. There was like a stage in the center of the room. And then a little bit further back, there was another stage. They have two separate stages. Yeah. And so that kind of made it awkward. So I don’t know, again, I don’t know if they did that because of COVID or what, but it created moments of like really awkward transitions I thought.

Mario: Yeah. Yeah. Cause usually they get shuffled off to the press room and real quick interviews. Um, take pictures with their awards before they go back to the audience, unless they’re presenting or some of something that are back on stage. But then, then I believe it was from the pictures and stuff I saw that part was outside.

Julia: Yeah. 

Mario: So, and I mean, they made reference that it was actually a giant tent. Like they were technically, I mean that they were in a tent. Okay. Cause that’s what Seth Rogan was saying. He’s like, remember they put at least 10. Yes. They put the, they put the chandelier’s over. Like there was a cover on the tent, but it was probably just like one of those giant tents that you’d have at a wedding, you know, but much nicer of course, but. 

Julia: Obviously yeah know, they have more money than somebody throwing a wedding. I don’t know, depending on who’s hosting the wedding. Right. Um, w you know, I was trying to remember Emmy’s two years ago. Cause Emmy’s last year they count, but they don’t count. Um, I was trying to remember Emmy’s two years ago and because I was paying attention to the order in which they announced the awards this year.

Julia: Cause you know, with all the other award shows, they do, there’s a structure to it. Like, you know what to expect. But with this one it was like, okay, we’re going to start with all of the supporting actor. You know, not like 

Mario: they kind of bounced around. I noticed that too. Cause I was like, wait, we’re we’re back to this, this, this category.

Julia: Like I was expecting it to be like, okay, so all of the supporting co like all the comedy stuff and then all the drama stuff. And then the limited series, like I wasn’t expecting. And then I was trying to remember, did they have they always done it that way? And then I was like, I can’t remember two years ago that sad.

Mario: A lot has happened in two years. So yeah. 

Julia: That’s true. I shouldn’t beat myself. 

Mario: I agree. I think I want to sit there. There definitely is more of a structure. I didn’t, I don’t know what was going on this time, but yeah, it was a little, it bounced a little bit of everywhere. I thought that was something that I did notice was. 

Julia: Because I had our list broken down by category.

Mario: Yeah. 

Julia: I was like, oh, I gotta go. Okay. I gotta scroll. Okay. I gotta find this one. Yeah. It’s like you guys, this is really annoying. Um, I think that I’m glad the awards shows are back. I feel like that’s a great, uh, move. Um, yeah. Tell me, I guess, tell me your overall. You kind of did already, but tell me a little bit more about like your overall impression of the show. Do you think it could be shorter? 

Mario: I mean, I think all award shows, I mean the Oscar and the Emmys, I feel like go the longest because they’re like the, the, basically the last award shows and that’s like the cutoff I got, that’s the most prestigious awards for each TV and movies. So. For this one. I, I, I think it was two or three hours and 15 minutes. I think something like right around that 

Julia: they actually started on time. On time. 

Mario: I was a little worried cause football was still going on overtime and I was like, oh man, they’re going to start late. I know they started on time. But, um, There’s always little bits you can take off. And I think like the awkwardness, we talked about, the transitions stuff like that needed to be worked out a little better. Um, I’m going more into technical stuff, I guess now. Yeah. I mean, overall I think the show was good for coming back again from a pandemic year. Um, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was, it was good. It felt like an award show. Um, technically. Um, like I said, just the awkward transitions and a couple of the bits, like you said, in the beginning of that Biz Markie thing, I thought it was kind of cool, but I can see where people have brought and, but there was a really good, but there was some cool stuff like 

Julia: LL cool. J it was cool, but like, I don’t need to see Mandy Moore singing along. That just feels weird to me. Like Mandy Moore. No, this isn’t for you. Yeah. 

Mario: But yeah, I mean, overall, it was a good show. I’d give it like a, B. Yeah. 

Julia: Did you have a favorite speech? 

Mario: Oh man. That was emotional. Yeah. I think, uh, Jean Smart’s was good. I really liked her. Jason Sudeikis was really good. Uh.

Julia: Don’t even know what Brett Goldstein said. Cause it was bleeped out the whole time 

Mario: Hannah Waddingham was good. Yeah. She was good. 

Julia: Did you know, I didn’t know this until recently, but she was like really desperate for a job that was going to keep her close to home. So she could be with her daughter. I didn’t know. She was a single mom and then this show shows up and it gave her exactly what she needed. So she could like do momming and still work. And I just, I freaking love that.

Mario: All these little stories that you’re just like, oh. But yeah, no, those were the good speeches. And then, um, the governor’s award speech was great too. 

Julia: I just love Debbie Allen so much. I love that Juno Temple cried during Hannah Waddingham’s 

Mario: oh, I must, yeah. I love that. There’s I mean, even in the show, they’re like woman power and it’s like, they’re best of friends and they support each other and it’s like in real life, they still do like, she didn’t win, but she was so happy and proud of her friend and it was just like, see, that’s what that, that’s what needs to happen more.

Julia: I totally agree. Yeah. I thought Olivia Coleman speech was really hard to, she was like, clearly like emotional. Cause I didn’t realize like she’s another person who lost a loved one. I don’t think she lost him to COVID. But during that time, which changes the way that you can grieve when there’s restrictions on social, you know, coming together and it’s gotta be hard.

Julia: Um, I thought that was really touching, um, Yeah, those are the ones that kind of stuck out to Jason Sudeikis Hannah and I w I’m just desperate to know what Brett Goldstein said.

Mario: Right? I’m sure there’ll be an unedited version somewhere. 

Julia: I sure as shit hope so, listeners, if you find one, send it in because I need, I need to know what he said. I was like, who was there in the room that could be recording on stories right now? I go through all these people’s Instagrams. I need to know what he said. Uh, Yeah, I think that, I think they did a good job for what they could do considering what we’re coming out of. But, you know, there was some technical glitches that were noticeable.

Mario: Yeah. 

Julia: Yeah. 

Mario: I don’t know. And it’s funny cause I don’t, it would be, I wonder if it’s noticeable too, like the. The casual viewer, like you and me, we’ve at least study this stuff. And we, I think we nitpick because it’s like, we’ve been watching these shows forever and I’m sure I’m so I’m wondering like what a casual viewer would seem to be like, oh, I didn’t even notice that, or, oh, great. Right. So I’ve always wanted. 

Julia: Yeah. You know what I did notice too. So I like said, I mentioned earlier, I turned on, uh, the E G E channels, um, red carpet preview, which that wasn’t a thing that they did when I was younger. Like when I was, well, maybe, I don’t know, cause we didn’t have cable on top until I was a senior.

Julia: So maybe they’ve always done it and because we didn’t have cable, I didn’t know. But you know, the, um, Network that aired, that show would always have some sort of like pre-show an hour before the show started. And so those types of things have changed a little bit, but I was thinking about it when I was watching the, E! Channel because they had, so Karamo Brown from, um, Queer Eye, but also like Real World was the red carpet guy for E! And then, um, I forget the gal’s name, but she does night she’s on Nightly Pop on E! And then another gal. And then the third gal was from Rotten Tomatoes and she, but, but the Nightly Pop gal and the Rotten Tomato scout, Black women, and then the gal in the middle of the couch, she’s, you know, white and I think she’s British. She had a little bit of an accent, but I’m sitting here thinking I was like, God, I don’t remember. I think the reason why I stopped watching these red carpet prep show. 20 years ago was because everybody was like a skinny, perfectly quaffed white person. And I was just like, I don’t care about, like, we don’t have, we’re not coming at the show with the same perspective. I don’t care what you think. So I stopped.

Julia: I just like completely stopped watching them. So it was nice to see, um, you know, uh, a couch full of women talking about the pre, like pre-gaming for the Emmy. I love because before it was men, it was always men. It was all men. Not that there’s anything wrong with men, but you know, after a while, you’re just like, I don’t really care about this dude’s opinion about this female actress.

Julia: Like, I don’t know. So it was nice to see that. And maybe I’ll start giving tree shows a chance again. 

Mario: Oh, you know who, who made me laugh was Jennifer Coolidge. 

Julia: Oh my gosh.

Mario: I love Jennifer Coolidge. Like she does. And her little thing, like congratulations all you, man. Who’ve had it so hard. Like you’ve you’ve persevered. I was like, oh, Jennifer Coolidge is why we love you. 

Julia: She cracks me up. I just, oh, she’s the best. When she was interviewing with Karamo on the red carpet, she was like, yeah, legally blonde three. And she makes this comment cause he’s like, what do you think? What do you expect for legally three? And she’s like, I hope Reese and I do a lot of running,

Julia: so like candid and so brilliant. Like, oh, she’s just the best. I think one of the things that made me so happy about the diversity on the red carpet, uh, pre red carpet event was the gal from Rotten Tomatoes. When they were talking about Jennifer Coolidge, she did this movie called Austin land, which, uh, in, in our upcoming Sister Act episode, that releases on Wednesday, the, one of the gals that was on the show brought that movie up.

Julia: And I thought I was the only one who’d ever seen this movie. Anyway, the gal from Rotten Tomatoes, just like, that’s like one of my favorite movies. And I was just like, I there’s more, 

Mario: they do exist.

Julia: Oh my gosh. We just started club right now this very minute. What was your name again? So I can find you on the internet and we can become best friends over Jennifer Coolidge in Ausetinland

Mario: that’s so cool. 

Julia: I love it. When that shit happens. Cause it’s like. Austin land for anybody who’s listening is about this woman who like goes on this vacation. You can like purchase a package, uh, to live like you’re in Jane Austen’s era 

Mario: is that the one that Kerri Russell, 

Julia: Kerri Russell stars, which by the way, I thought her dress is beautiful. I thought she looks stunning. I was like, yes, Kerri Russell, get it girl. But I think my favorite dress, this is me being, I’m getting I’m going all over the place. Cause we don’t have an official script. So sorry, listeners. Um, My favorite dress there’s I have three that I loved. I loved Yara Shahidi dress. I thought she looked incredible. And then when Angela Bassett was announcing the best, um, the final award, I was like, okay, I feel like she, and Yara your shi shi I’m running out of energy. Um, she and Yara Shahidi should do a movie together cause I would totally 100% believe that they were related.

Julia: Like. They look like they could be related to me. It not related to me, but to me, they looked like they could be related. Yeah. Anyway, Yara’s dress was beautiful. I thought. And then I loved MJ Rodriguez dress. I thought that dress was gorgeous. She wore, she was, she said she her dress is vintage. Um, shoot the gal from the Black Lady Sketch Show. I forget her name right now. Her dress was stunning too. Those were my. 

Mario: There was a very, there was a very good, uh, are, um, very well dressed people tonight. 

Julia: Yes. 

Mario: Yes. Like one of the better dressed, I feel like. 

Julia: I agree. 

Mario: Because sometimes you can like, even like the Oscars and stuff, like people go way out and it’s like, but I felt like this was more, very formal and like even the wild ones weren’t that to work to.

Julia: Like Sarah Paulson had those big, big sleeves and I don’t know any other, any other person, any other year. I probably would have been like, I’m not here for this, but she’s stunning. And she’s an Impeachment. Which is, you know, the American Crime Story, which is the, I forget that’s her playing. What’s her face.

Julia: I was just like, oh my God, Sarah Paulson. Exactly. Yes. Agreed. I just, 

Mario: even though, uh, Kaley Cuoco, her dress was good too. Like the yellow, I don’t know what worked for her. I was like, 

Julia: Yeah, I agree. Um, what did you think about who did the bit about the miss Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and like the election Was that Stephen Colbert? What did you think of that?

Julia: Cause I was like, okay. I understand. You’re trying to make commentary on the recent recall election in California, but

Mario: I actually did not. Like, that was probably the one thing I didn’t like. I felt like it was just totally out of place.

Julia: I thought it didn’t work either. And I don’t know if it didn’t work because maybe they were trying, I had. It just, wasn’t funny. Yeah. to me.

Mario: Kind of came out from left field. Yeah. Like it wasn’t like,

Julia: I just don’t think you guys partnered that well with what you were trying to do. I don’t know. And normally I don’t give a shit about political comedy in the award shows. Like that’s not a thing I care about. I know other people get upset and will stop watching because of that. And I don’t really care, but that, I just thought that that. Didn’t land well, and it wasn’t funny. Yeah, 

Mario: Mindy Kaling’s a little bit too was good once a year. Not really British.

Julia: She’s amazing. She, I wish that more of her stuff would get nominated because Never Have I Ever was amazing. And then also Four Weddings and a Funeral like she took that concept and made it its own, but still was respectful of the original movie. Like that’s, she’s just really good. Um, yeah. I have nothing else to say other than well done.

Julia: Good job. Thank you for giving this to us. We understand that was probably a real hard, because COVID 

Mario: Now they’re all partying it up somewhere. 

Julia: I know I’m jealous 

Mario: well after parties having drinks and good food, 

Julia: but they can’t get into any bars in LA unless they have, you know, so hopefully somebody is having a private part 

Mario: Which they all should 

Julia: yes, they all show. And hopefully somebody is having a private party, so they don’t have to worry. Right. Could you imagine you’re like walking into a bar with your Emmy and you’re like, yeah. I would be the person who would like lose her Emmy at the bar. 

Mario: Can’t you get in trouble for that too? I want to say maybe I remember reading something about well I don’t know about an Emmy but an Oscar, like you’re, you’re like legally bound. You can’t like you can’t sell it. You can’t. Like you could get like in serious trouble, if you do anything wrong with your Oscars. So I’m wondering if the Emmy’s the same thing I remember reading about a long time ago. 

Julia: Oh my gosh.

Mario: I’m going to have to look this up, but I’m pretty sure, like if you lose it, you’re not allowed to sell it. Like. 

Julia: Okay. When you find the answer, you tag me and we will share it with everybody here and it will be. Cause, you know, it’s like, what do you do with it after you win? It’s so big, obviously, but do you go home first and put it away? Because I would be the person who was like, we either need a party now, or I’m not partying at all, because if you want me to go home to drop this off, I’m just gonna go home and put on my sweatpants. 

Mario: Right. I’m sure they have their like assistant or some, or maybe because they have all the after parties, maybe they keep them because they have to get them 

Julia: engraved

Mario: like yeah, they get engraved, so they have to drop them off, get engraved and they pick it back up. So that all happens during the after parties. And then they go grab it and then, yeah, but there was, I remember seeing, I remember seeing it was a few years ago. It was either an Oscar. Some actress was in the clubs doing that. She had her Emmy, cause she’s like, I didn’t leave my side. It got so heavy, but I didn’t care. Like I forget who it was though. I remember seeing it on social media that had it the whole time. 

Julia: Uh, again, I would probably be the person who got so drunk that they would be like, where did I put my Emmy? Where’s my award.

Mario: It’s in the bathroom. Next, that letter where you were throwing up. 

Julia: No, I’m too much of a professional for that shit, Mario.

Mario: If you won an Emmy you might be like, yeah. 

Julia: Cause you know, they probably, I’m making a speculation now, but to get into. Everybody’s clearly wearing in Spanx all the women to get into their dresses. And so I’m thinking like, oh, I wonder if they don’t eat before all day, because they have to like fit into these ex you know, expensive outfits and plus the whole slimming stuff and the smoothing things and all these things.

Julia: So if they don’t eat and then they go and party, you’re getting hella drunk. Cause you don’t, but that’s a rookie mistake. You don’t go out and party after not having eaten and hydrated all day. 

Mario: Or you’ll see, like the celebrities they’ll stop at, like In N Out or McDonald’s to eat something and then they’ll go to the after party.

Julia: Yes. ’cause that’s even still a better move. Anyway. Any final thoughts that we need to share that you have any burning topics?

Mario: It was great to see an award show. Again, I’m excited to see what they do for the Oscars now. Cause I feel like the Oscars have kind of like. Something to look at and come and see to go from there.

Julia: So yeah, something better than what they did for 2021, because that show is trash. 

Mario: Yes. So we’ll be looking at you Oscars man, a lot of good winners tonight. Um, I think, and I think just tonight just proves like how competitive TV is, and there’s so much good TV on, um, via streaming and via just regular television that there’s so much good.

Julia: I wonder if they’ll ever separate streaming from network. 

Mario: I don’t know. 

Julia: I was, I was surprised to see that when I was looking up, who won for the Hollywood critics association awards. And when I, because I got confused, just like, how did this one? And this one both went. Oh, cause one’s deemed streaming. 

Mario: Yeah.

Julia: Good, good. Yeah. 

Mario: I could see that happening, but we’ll see. But, yeah. So when people say, oh, I don’t know what to watch. Just go back to these lists and start, you know, start adding some of these shows to your queue. Cause there’s some great shows. 

Julia: Absolutely because it’s, there’s so much good stuff. And I’m S I’m literally like apple TV is probably just like yes cause The Morning Show won a bunch of stuff last year, you know, um, with Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globes and whatnot. Now they have. 

Mario: Apple TV is the cheapest out of all the streaming that’s five bucks a month. 

Julia: Yeah. For those who have to pay for it, well, I’m gonna have to start paying for it soon. Cause they were like, you keep buying things. We have, you know, they did announce actually that we’re going to start charging people who even purchased their products. So, um, okay. Well, I thank you for doing this real quick, very special episode of Pop Culture Makes Me Jealous to talk about the Emmys and what we loved and whether or not we were right or wrong.

Julia: Um, can you remind everybody where they can find you if they want to keep up with you on. 

Mario: Uh, you can find me on my Instagram movies with Mr. Mario, I D I do movie reviews and TV reviews of stuff I’m watching. So I appreciate a follow. 

Julia: Awesome, awesome. And listeners, Mario, we’ll be back in a few weeks to discuss Lala Land and that I was relistening to it, the, um, over the weekend just to get it transcribed. And I was like, we did such a good job.

Mario: Now I don’t want to go watch LA LA Land again. Cause I D 

Julia: I literally was like, on my, um, later that day I got in my car and was like, I’m going to put the La La Land land soundtrack on. Cause we were just talking about this and what our favorites numbers were. And I spent the next two days listening to a La La Land soundtrack. So apparently I can influence myself, go figure any way. Um, and then you’ll be back in December to talk about some holiday stuff too, which is pretty exciting. 

Mario: So excited. I love Christmas movies. 

Julia: Yeah. And friends, if you’re really into those, you know, um, you know, scary movies and shit, totally give Mario will follow for that. Cause you’re not getting any of that here.

Mario: I’m getting ready. So October I do 31 days of horror movies. So every time I trust what I’m watching, 

Julia: but for you horror fan of film, Mario’s your guy get in there. Awesome. Well friends, uh, as always you can follow us in between episodes on Instagram at Pop Culture Makes Me Jealous and, uh, thank you for tuning in and we’ll catch you next time.

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